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Strix Fusion 700 Stopped Working

Level 8
Last Night, I was gaming and as others have mentioned the cord for it isn't very reliable. I have been dealing with the problem with the cord for over a year and have found a solution to it by wrapping it around the ear piece along the groove for the ear cuff and for charging I use a separate cord . While having the cord like that sometimes if you bump it, it will make your computer flip you and can even crash your sound driver(which is solved by unplugging and plugging it back in). Last Night that happened and then when I unplugged and plugged (red light to indicate its plugged in was on) them in the RGB didn't turn on , Additionally I couldn't hear any sound. I tired turning the Bluetooth on and that didn't work. I left it to charge overnight and same result and I even tried the cable I used for charging. I re-installed the drivers and armory crate. I am out of ideas and don't have the money to replace them.

Level 7

Is there any solutions for this serious problem,or somebody pls tell how to discharge the headphone,PLS waiting for solving the prblm honestly

Level 7






Level 7

I don't know if I can affect this issue, but I found a reset button on the back of the microphone, but I don't know if it is working on our end, and I don't have the manual, so I don't know if I succeeded.

If you have the same problem and know how to use the reset button, please let me know.

muy buenas, mis auriculares les paso lo mismo, 2 diferentes, en ninguna ocasion volvieron a encender, he desmontado los ultimos ya que no estaban en garantia, respecto al boton RESET, al pulsarlo, el auricular accede al modo ITE,, supongo que asus tendra acceso a el con sus sw, por lo demas sigue igual, lo voy a dejar con la bateria desconectada unos dias ab que pasa.

Level 7

guys, I sent my headset to a personal fixing shop,the owner/engineer disassembled the headset and said the origin of the issue is BluetoothIC has broken,maybe by micro-electrical stream,and the solution of the prblm need to change the mother board,depend the situation the Asus has closed the line of fusion 700,there's no solution I think

claro pero cual es el motivo , porque hay mucha gente que practicamente funcionando de un dia para otro se murio el auricular que raro pero bueno , pense lo mismo en llevarlo a un tectico pero lo dudo 


Level 7

buenas , alguno pudo solucionar el tema del auricular los fusion 700 . actualice todo volvi a desintalar y volver a instalar a su debida forma y nada . creo que lo que cambio es que antes los conectaba y al toque se prendia la luz testigo roja y se pagaba . ahora lo conecto y queda prendida