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Strix Fusion 700 Stopped Working

Level 8
Last Night, I was gaming and as others have mentioned the cord for it isn't very reliable. I have been dealing with the problem with the cord for over a year and have found a solution to it by wrapping it around the ear piece along the groove for the ear cuff and for charging I use a separate cord . While having the cord like that sometimes if you bump it, it will make your computer flip you and can even crash your sound driver(which is solved by unplugging and plugging it back in). Last Night that happened and then when I unplugged and plugged (red light to indicate its plugged in was on) them in the RGB didn't turn on , Additionally I couldn't hear any sound. I tired turning the Bluetooth on and that didn't work. I left it to charge overnight and same result and I even tried the cable I used for charging. I re-installed the drivers and armory crate. I am out of ideas and don't have the money to replace them.

Level 8
So, I left them alone for a few days waiting for someone to reply to this thread and today I plugged them in and they work now. It is possible that it was a windows issue again but this is the second time this has happened. I would like to figure out what is causing this and prevent it if possible
(EDIT) so I tried turning the Bluetooth on but that didn't work I'm going to let them charge and see if a up firmware/SDK update is needed.

Just happened today, I came back from work with the headset on, it was working. Turned it off as I came home. Later wanted to play some games on my computer, RGB didn't went on, bluetooth wouldn't go on, 7.1 surround sound wasn't lighting up as i press the button. Only the red light to show it's charging was responsiv and my PC's audio was recognizing the headset as plugged in but no sound would come through ..

Did you experience that again ? And did your bluetooth ended up working again ?
I'm trying to update all my audio drivers at the moment, maybe it will fix the issue on the PC but for the bluetooth I wouldn't know where the problem comes from.. If you have any idea I'll be happy to hear, or if it just worked again eventually I'd be happy to hear as well. I still like that headset very much !

Mine had started working again after I left them alone and off the charger for a few days.

And that didn't happen anymore ? And the Bluetooth just worked again as well ?

It would be nice indeed to be able to prevent this from happening

It has happened to me twice and that is what I have done both times

I now have this same issue, hoping your solution does the trick.

Buttons not responsive, RGB dead, red light iturns on near the port when plugged into the wall or PC. PC detects the headset but no sound. Headphones are only a few weeks old.

Sounds like the battery has to die or something for it to start working again? Tried calling support but they're down due to COVID 😞

Happened to me too. No RGB. No sound. Bluetooth also not functioning. Only the red led is light up. My pc detect the device but couldn't hear any sound. Has anyone tried format their windows and see whether it works again?

Hello Everyone, bumping this post again but i'm having the same issue, i left the headphone charged for few days without using it. And now it doesnt work. Red light stays when plugged in to the USB. But in 30 secs red light goes away. Whatever i tried i couldn't make it work. Pc recognizes the device but no sound or anything. Any help would be appreciated.