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Strix DSP volume issue

Level 7
Loving my Strix DSP but noticed that the volume button for headphone and microphone has a very low volume. When I plugin the headset straigtht into my computer via analog cable I get much more volume out of my mic but even then not really enough.

Is that normal or do I have a duf microphone?

Community Admin
Community Admin
Is the concern both sound output and the mic, or do you just want more gain on the mic?
Tried changing the volume within Windows as well? That can lower the maximum volume allowed in the Audio Station.
Is the Headphone Amp switched on?
Is the volume low just when converting native 7.1 to virtual 7.1?
How is the volume for stereo content?
Tried turning off ENC and still have the same result on the mic?
Tried the latest firmware?
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