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STRIX 7.1 issues Please help

Level 7
hi, i recently bought a strix 7.1 headset from amazon, and after unboxing and testing the headset i realized that even at maximum volume for both the main option and all of the others (side, rear, center, front, sub) the audio was still quiet and not as loud as i would expect, i have also been experiencing small amounts of popping from certain sound frequencies (almost unnoticeable most of the time). let it also be known that i have had a razer tiamat 7.1 headset for years (it still works and i have been comparing the two headsets), and even though it has smaller front drivers (30mm comapred to the strix's 40mm) and the same sized sub, side, rear, and center drivers, it is louder. After reading comments about the strix i found that updating the firmware solved this problem for everyone, so i updated my firmware but this changed nothing. It had the same sound quality/volume even after a computer reset and trying both the 32 and 64 bit versions of the firmware (on a positive note, the strix does have better sound quality than the tiamat 7.1).

Another problem i'm having is with the microphone. all of the reviews said it had great sound quality and noise cancellation, but being someone that uses teamspeak to talk to 30-40+ people on a daily basis i have found that the microphone with worse reviews (the tiamat 7.1's microphone) outperforms the strix's microphone by quite a large margin, the highs and lows are "grainy" as said to me by many other people (and this is after extensive searching on the internet and testing different settings in the teamspeak capture options and windows recording devices).

Finally a third quirk about the product i dont think is intended is what happens when i wear the headset and press on the left ear cup towards my head or i shake my head. When i do this, a weird pooping noise happens, almost as if i were pushing on one of the drivers, however when i do this it has no effect on the sound quality, loudness, or microphone quality of the headset. Please leave me any suggestions to fix these problems and tell me if i should just use my warranty because the headset is not working as intended.

Level 8
hi EllNubNub
have tried testing in different platforms? Does it happen same
If You just bought, may contact the Amazon for RMA service

FuryA@ASUS wrote:
hi EllNubNub
have tried testing in different platforms? Does it happen same
If You just bought, may contact the Amazon for RMA service

hi, i have only tried it on my windows 7 computer. i have found out that the bass management is what was causing my sound to stutter on home theater mode, while on office mode it wouldnt stutter, but would instead break my audio and video feeds for minutes at a time, so i turned off the bass management and got rid of the stuttering. i still have a problem with how loud the headset is able to get, loudness equalization only helps so much (its tolerable at almost max volume). the mic is still having quality problems with certain people, but other people say i sound better so i've concluded its their end, not mine where the problem lies. is there a way to fix the bass management and is there a way to get more volume out of the headset?