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Sonic Studio?

Level 7

Just purchased the ASUS ROG Centurion headset. Just finished installing it and reading the online Quick Start Quide, it mentions software called Sonic Studio.

Now I went through the entire box, it was quite large, but I didn't see any included software and the box did look brand new, bought it from B & H. I also cant find anywhere to download this software.

I have 3 current issues.

1. My audio sounds quite low, even with windows playback volume on max.
2. Yes the microphone settings are currently real bad, I know this is a problem and I have a serial starting with H8. I had heard that any headsets after H6 should have been fixed. I also updated the firmware. I thought the Sonic Studio might be able to fix some of the audio issues.
3. Does anyone youtube videos showing how the DAC controls are supposed to work?

Thank you very much 🙂