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ROG Theta and Armoury Crate

Level 7
Isn't the Theta headset supposed to be implemented in armoury crate? It only shows up in aura sync, not in devices. So if I want to sync it in aura, it will not work in armoury ii, and vice cersa.
All of the settings is very limited when one locks out the other.
The Theta doesn't show up in Aura Creator either, so individual aura settings is not possible either.
I have a GX701GX, Gladius II and the Theta 7.1

Level 7
I'm pretty sure that Theta7.1 is supported by armory II. You can tweak the equalizer thing in Armoury II. Since Asus wants to put all their control software in one app (e.g. Armoury Crate), I'm curious why their latest high-end headphone doesn't support Amrouy Crate.

Link for Armoury II:

Lately I've seen posts in other threads from the mods mentioning support for older hardware and also experienced it. I first bought a claymore keyboard and spatha mouse about a month ago, neither worked with crate but now both do. Id say it seems like the software team has been listen to everyone and is doing their best to integrate/add feature to make the armory crate software into the management software ROG users have been wanting. We just have to keep in mind that its still in beta, that means were are gonna run into issues and that it will take time to iron them out.

So, I'm sure the support will be added, its just a matter of when since the team hasn't released a development road map for what they are working on and planning to work on. Right now I'm rocking the centurion headset and can only control its settings from the 7.1 ROG software. Nothing in Armory or armory crate for control.
Kinda hoping they add control soon so i can remove the 7.1 ROG software. Long story short, I've had incredible luck with my RGB by installing the minimum asus control software possible and I see eliminating one more as a good thing.