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ROG Theta 7.1 Volume Issue

Level 9
Hey Folks, So I recently purchased the Theta 7.1 headset to upgrade my ROG DELTA and I have discovered a weird issue when changing the output to 7.1 from stereo in ROG ARMORY. when using 7.1, all sounds become much quieter. I have to use the headset at 100 percent volume and it is not loud at all. Overall the General Volume of this headset does seem to be lower than the Delta. Does anyone have any insight on this issue or perhaps a soloution?

I'm having the same problem, sub doesn't work even with latest firmware. I have all the settings the way they should be. Anyone found a solution?

Level 7

Just got the headset yesterday.. it's so low 😞 

I'm on the latest firmware and it's still too low.. is there a way to fix it?

Level 7

I have a workaround fix for this. I'm going to try do a video on it.

Let me know who still struggling. It's actually a great headset.