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ROG Theta 7.1 Sound issues since last update

Level 7

Updated my drivers via armoury crate on the 23rd Oct and now the sound is awful.

It feels like everything im hearing is like its been broadcast from a toilet.

Ive tried turning reverb off, but then all voice (either movies or via discord) sounds completely muffled and under water and I can't make out anything. I turn back on reverb and can hear voices again.

Ive tried changing reverb from Theatre to studio with very little change.

My EQ settings were pretty much perfect before the update, one profile for gaming, the other for movies so no need in touching them too much.

App version is
Driver version is 10.0.19041.388

What I want to do is roll back the drivers because this has turned my $500+ headphones into a cheap $20 pair from Woolworths.

Where can I find older drivers/firmware for either these headsets?

Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Well, I uninstalled Armory Crate completely and installed Equalizer APO (and the Peace Overlay) and the sound I can now achieve through this headset is amazing.

Bass is now deep and mids and highs are fantastic. Loud rumbles of distant explosions, the satisfying sound of your rifle firing and the perfect click whilst reloading, and footsteps around me is super immersive.

I now appreciate the price tag of these headphones.

The sub par performance that I could achieve with the Armory Crate was making me regret my decision to purchase these, but now im glad I did.

SO, if you are using Armory Crate (AC) and are not completely satisfied with how these cans sound, I suggest removing AC, fresh reboot then downloading and installing Equalizer APO. There is a little playing around with the different frequencies, gain etc but totally worth it.



Level 9
What do you mean by Armory Crate ( ac ) ?

I've actually both of them the one with The headset ROG armoury and the one from mobo which is Armory Crate
What i know that the first firmware update is having a lot of bass but it's not good for fps games
i've install latest firmware update which is .039
Just tell me which firmware update and why are you using Equalizer APO ?

When I got the headset, Armoury Crate was the software it got me to download.

After the last update to armoury crate (I kept the firmware 039 as it was the best one imo) the sound went to $hit.

After removing it, uninstalling the headset, then reinstalling headset minus the software and using Equalizer APO the sound is amazing. Not sure what the difference is tbh, but APO works alot better than the ROG software.

I had reinstalled and installed both headset and ROG software 3 times and each time the sound was just as the last.

So Im pretty sure the problem lies with the software..even when I thought the sound was pretty decent (prior to update) it sounded nothing like the sound Im getting now.
Ive even downloaded a dolby test file for 7.1 and when I listened to it originally with ROG software the LFE (Low Freq. Effects) channel it was silent.

After removing ROG software I can now hear the LFE channel and its a game changer, all other channels sounds precise and clear.

Level 9
Im glad to hear that you already fix all issue your facing but again ..
Can you try ROG Armoury not Armoury Crate and tell me if you notice any difference ?
Or maybe all of above is related to software glitching or something .

I can agree that left rear and right rear is low freq by firmware 039 but still better than first firmware .
If you could share us your setting and i would love to try your setting are you an FPS gamer or just music?

Equalizer APO only adjsut the EQ settings for headset, isn't it? You can still do the same EQ settings in ARmoury Crate and achive the same sound quality. It is not a driver to make the Headset to work in 7.1 mode.