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ROG THETA 7.1 sound criping when sound starts

Level 7
I'm having following issue when sound starts playing i hear creeping in headphones its not very load and sometimes like in windows sound setting when i test device i hear crapping in other driver then that I'm testing and when i watch videos every time some one starts speaking and stops and starts i hear carping
my question is that the case with other theta devices is this normal

You could be experiencing audio clipping..though generally this will be noticeable when something 'large' happens on screen (explosion when watching a movie) or high percussion during music.

You will hear clipping (distortion) mostly when amplifier is pushed too much for a certain frequency. You could try reducing gain across all frequencies to see if that helps.

Equalizer APO (with Peace Overlay) has an anti clipping option that tries to correct the audio stream before clipping occurs. You could download that and test it out. You will most likely need to remove armory crate as armory crate tends to hold onto its settings be default, so any changes in Equalizer APO wont affect audio when Armory is installed (from my experience anyways)

I could be totally off the ball, but from what Im reading, this sounds whats happening. (sounds like a far easier option to fix a software issue, then having to send off your headphones etc).

Good luck 😉


Hello, I also have the same problem, of parasitic clicking when the sound stops, example: someone speaks when there is a pause between the words, it clicks in the headphones.

For a helmet at 300th this is quite annoying!
Thanks fixing the problem, it must come from the firmware i guess.

hello, I have exactly the same issues, did you find a solution ?