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Rog Theta 7.1 Popping issue

Level 8

I just got the Asus rog Theta 7.1. I am noticing a popping issue in the headset, specifically the right ear cup. It only seems to happen when volume is over 14 / 16, but it is too quiet otherwise.

It seems as if every time a sound is played, and there is no other audio the speakers pop on or off. For instance on Doom eternal home screen, with music off if you hover over all the tabs it does a clicking sounds. But on the right ear cup only it pops every time after you go over the selection, if i move really fast so the selection goes onto others so the clicking sound is repeated it does not pop until the end.

i have it set to 24bit, spatial off, 96k mhz and microhpone not connected in armoury crate

Is this item broken? It is really annoying and i cant use it as it is, any help would be appreciated


Level 8
Another note, ive also tested it out on my switch and the same thing happens. WHen scrolling through the main menu, with every normal click sound in game, i hear a pop from the right ear cup. If i reduce the volume to 20% ish, it doesnt happen, but on switch this is almost loud enough to use. Again it seems its just the right cup doing this, although i think i may be hearing a very faint one on the left ( not noticeable when using normally)

Level 8
If anyone is able to test their headset to see if this does / does not happen i would be greatful. Just in order to see if mine needs replacing 🙂