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rog theta 7.1, issue with screenreaders

Level 7


I recently bought an asus rog theta 7.1. It seems to work globally well, except for two major points:

-First, I noticed that there's a small delay between a command, and the sound it's suppose to generate. It's easily noticible for me since I'm using a screenreader. If I plug standart headphones to my computer, each command generates a fast, usual response. With the this one, there's like 9,1 second of delay. If it's not the end of the world, it still is very uncomfortazble to work with.

-Next, I Noticed that, after the installation of armoury crate (which by the way is nearly unaccessible with a screenreader but that's not the topic), it started to cut off small sounds. For instance, end of words would be cut off short, even if I try playing something in the background to prevent a hypothetic sleepmode of the external soundcard. Again, not the end of the world, but since, as a bnlind user, I'm litterally working with a screenreader, it'll rapidly become hard to live with.

I'd have two questions then : first, do you know where it might come from? And, just in case, is there any other softwazre I can use to setup/manage my headphones? With armoury crate, I must fight with my screenreader to even turn a single option on or off...


Thanks in advance!

All the best,




Hello Arkandias,

Unfortunately, you must use Armoury Crate to have full audio control and update your ROG Theta 7.1 headset.

Seeing how there are some conflicts with Armoury Crate and the screenreader, you might be better off using a headset that doesn't use Armoury Crate, such as the ASUS Cerberus.

CERBERUS|Headsets and Audio|ASUS Global