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ROG Fusion II 500 cannot be detected by Armory Crate

Level 7

ROG Fusion II 500 has PC mode and game console mode. In the windows11 PRO 23H2 and win10 PRO 22H2 versions, there are the following problems:
1. Under win11 PRO 23H2 and win10 PRO 22H2, Fusion II 500 is completely undetectable by Armory Crate (AC) in PC mode. As a result, the exclusive functions provided by AC for headphones are completely unusable and only have basic sound input and output functions. When using it in a Windows environment for the first time, the headset must be in game console mode before it can be detected and the firmware can be updated. In PC mode, the headset cannot be detected or updated at all. Even after the update is completed, the headset still cannot be detected in PC mode.
2. What is strange is that when the Fusion II 500 is adjusted to game console mode in the win11 and win10 working environment, it can be detected by AC, but only the lighting effects and update functions can be used.
3. When the headset is in PC mode, Windows will have two output devices to choose from: ROG Fusion II 500 (Headset) and ROG Fusion II 500 (Chat Channel). However, only the Chat Channel mode provides appropriate volume, and the Headset mode has a very small volume. Voice.
4. When the headset turns on the game console mode in the Windows environment, only the Headset output device can be selected for the ROG Fusion II 500, but the volume is normal.
5. Two identical Fusion II 500s were tested and showed the same results, but the Fusion II 300 could be detected normally.


AC version:
AC diagnosis results:
Item Version
---- -------
Armory Crate UWP App
ROG Live Service
Aura Service (Lighting Service) 3.07.43
Armory Crate lite service 5.8.9
Aura Wallpaper Service is not installed
Aura SDK 3.04.42
ASUS AURA Extension Card HAL
ASUS AURA Motherboard HAL
ASUS Ambient HAL
KingstonDram 1.1.33
ASUS ROG Phone AuraLight
AURA DRAM Component 1.1.25
Patriot Viper DRAM RGB
Patriot Viper M2 SSD RGB
Universal Holtek RGB DRAM
AIOFanSDK 3.00.14
AiSuiteSDK 1.02.04
AudioSDK 3.01.23
MainSDK 2.01.18
MbLedSDK 3.00.25
Armory Crate Plugin - Aio 2.0.11
Armory Crate Plugin - Headset 1.2.16
Armory Crate Plugin - Motherboard 1.2.16
Armory Crate Plugin - ROG FAN XPERT 4 2.0.12
ASUS Motherboard 4.02.03
ROG FAN XPERT 4 4.02.03
ROG FUSION II 500 4.01.11
ROG FUSION II 500 (PlayStation) 4.01.11


Fusion II 500 version:
Device current version: 0050
Microphone current version: 21120822