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ROG fusion 700 - Bluetooth pairing issues

Level 7
Just recently received one of these as a gift but having major problems with pairing it with my computers Bluetooth. Sometimes I can get it paired with it being both " music, voice" and sometimes it just says music. The mic won't work when it doesn't say voice. In addition, it makes me use the AG Bluetooth "hands free" which is terrible quality when it does pair with music, without letting me use the BT Stereo profile when I go to choose my sound device. The only time I can use both the mic and headset for sound is when it is plugged in, which is absolutely ridiculous. Drivers are up to date, firmware is up to date.

Additionally, can you not use sound profiles created in armoury crate without the headset being plugged in with the USB cord? Only time i can get the sound profiles to work is with the headset plugged in...which again is quite lame.

I believe the profiles are part of the Crate application and not stored on board the headset so you'd have to be USB connected for that feature.

The intermittent pairing issues sound most concerning. If possible I would try to pair them with another PC or perhaps a mobile device to see if the issue seems to be related to the headset or some sort of conflict with your PC's bluetooth. If it's the PC you could always disable onboard bluetooth and use a USB bluetooth. Not ideal, I know.
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