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Rog delta virtual surround issue

Level 7
I have a problem with the virtual surround in armoury crate
My win 11 armoury crate application for my delta has been updated yesterday .
The virtual option 7.1 doesnt work anymore. Annoying for gaming.
I reinstall armoury crate and reinstalled rog delta driver and soundcard driver without success.
Does anyone has the problem?
The dts surround work. Only the native asus surround doesnt work. No rear effect and the front effect makes sound in the left or right only without surround effect
How to resolve ? The configure buttons are greyed in windows
Sonic 3 is disabled, and activating sonic surround doesnt resolve

Level 8
I'm a little confused. The ROG Delta only uses Armoury Crate and doesn't need anything else. For instance a soundcard. I can suggest to make sure neither DTS X or Atmos is enabled because that will override Armoury Crate. You could also check to see if you have linked your Delta through (if you have it) Sonic Studio III for onboard sound as you don't have to and that might cause a problem. And of course make sure Enhanced Audio is enabled in the sound settings for your headset. I am running the newest Armoury Crate under Win 11 and my Delta S with no problem so other than that I'm not sure what the issue could be, srry.

Level 8
I just realized you might mean the Delta Core non-usb headset. In which case yes you would need a sound card or onboard for input. Srry if that's the case. Still the advice would be pretty much the same. Hope it helps. 🙂

Thank u
The headset is usb
Sound usb is OK
Sonic effects disabled
The dts x headphone app is on because this is the only way to have spatial sound.
The virtual surround is off in armoury
If i activate virtual surround in armouy, i see the 5 virtual speakers but the individual right, left, rear or side are not lire expecting usually. Dts on or off dont change anything except in game or dts headphone x works only with audio ehanced ON in vidéos settings.
I trier to reinstall all drivers and completly remove armoury and reinstalled it. I change the usb port.
The driver in Windows settings is usb generic usb port (is it normal i dont remember?)

I think it is a windows issue

i finally reinstalled w11 completly without sonic studio and its work like a charm.

Level 8
Glad you got it working. Wish I could have been of more help. 🙂