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ROG Delta Type-C left cup noise issue

Level 7
Hello everyone!

I bought brand new Delta less a week ago and I noticed the strange noise only in the left cup. It's absolute silence when I don't use any programes or games (like only desktop), but when there is more overall PC load (like if i start the game) the noise appear, like a toy motor noise and it depends on how "big" the game is. Like if I start Dota 2 this noise is not so loud, but still presents and if I start RE 2 Remastered (for ex.) the noise is much louder. The noise is there even if you turn off the whole sound of your system. I use USB2 to connect the headset, I tried it with 2 different PCs, same thing. (with firmware installed and without)

Is it ok with this headset (mb needs more time to warm up or stmg?) or it's a defect?

Level 7
it seems like it's a ground issue since touching a left cup with my palm makes the noise disappear completely...