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ROG Delta S Wireless randomly interrupts the sound

Level 7


I recently purchased the ROG Delta S Wireless headset and I had one problem with them from the beginning. The headphones interrupt sound for about a second (every 4-8 minutes) in 2.4 GHz mode.

I have the latest version of audio drivers, I updated the headphone software in the Armory Crate application, I tried different profiles and audio settings but it did not help. So I connected them to a second PC (without Armory Crate installed) but the problem persisted there too.

I decided that the fault must be the headphones in such a case, so I sent them back for warranty, the store accepted it and two days ago I received a completely new unit of the headset.

Unfortunately, after connecting it, to my surprise, it turned out that the problem also occurred on the new unit. Yesterday I tried to use the official program for pairing the headset with the receiver from the product support website, but it didn't help either.

So I'm asking for help in this situation because I no longer have any idea where the problem is. Could it be on my computer side or did I somehow get two copies of a defective product?

Lastly I will add that this problem never occurred on my previous 2.4 GHz headset (Razer Nari).