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ROG Delta S Wireless Firmware update Failed

Level 7

I've been trying to update my Device firmware to Version but it keeps error out. I've been trying to update thousand times but still unsuccessful. How do I resolve this? I'm using ASUS TUF gaming F15 laptop.


Hey Kex,

My specific fix was the following:
1. Download the new paring tool: ROG Delta S Wireless on the official website support page
2. Make sure the headset is connected via the Type C cable directly to a USB port on your machine.
3. Make sure the headset dongle is connected to a new USB port via the Type-A adaptor.
4. I then restarted my computer and opened Armoury.
5. I then turned on the headset to 2.4 gz mode.
6. I then opened the pairing tool and found my device there & clicked pair.
7. I was then able to run the firmware update.

To confirm, I did not press the button at all.

I hope this helps ❤️


Download the pairing tool, and run

Connecting with 2.4 gh and usb-c cable

Then turn on the headset to 2.4 ghz

I hear the pc mode sound 

After i  hold the button, for 20 sec nothing happened, after i press again about 3 sec and after i can click the pair button


Level 7

I want to tell u all guys that just new update firmware came oit for ours rog delta s wireless Date:2023/09/18 and it should be fixing all ours problem 🙂

Level 7

In my case the problem was in using a 3rd-party cable to connect to PC.

As soon as I used the native cable, the upgrade passed without any issues.