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ROG Delta S Core sound settings

Level 7

Have someone here have any good settings in sonic Studio 3 to share with these headphones?

Just got these and hade Hyper cloud 2 before. Sorry to say but i cant get any good balanced sound of these..:-(

Tried to play around with settings. want more "base" in game and more clearity with footsteps and so on.

Best so far is to use "DEEP AND BRIGHT"
Also tried "balanced" and "Extreme" settings..

Cant get the old Battlefiled feeling back with clear footsteps and booms 🙂

No pre-settings are in sonic studio for these headsets? only 4 others i never heard about. Cloud 2 where there and sounded so nice..

Pls help!

Level 7
Problem solved! Bought ROG Delta Core headset instead!