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ROG delta s Animate low audio even at 100%

Level 7

so I looked at other posts that looked like what my problem is but even when i followed  what they said but even then the audio is as if it was set to 20%-30% and i went to the arm app and that didn't do much to clarify much. then proceeded to the window audio and there is nothing that could have been done but i am open to any opinions.image_2023-04-22_161108530.pngScreenshot 2023-04-22 161010.pngScreenshot 2023-04-22 161043.png 



Hello deadmansarmy

It looks like everything is installed, updated and working correctly.

Are you using the usb-c to usb-a adapter cable? This is how I'm using mine.

Check that the game volume and/or player volume is set to 100%.


Level 9

I had no complain about my mic sounding low on the 3 Delta S Animate I have tested. But there is something I found wierd:

When I test the mic using the Windows sound settings on Windows 10 & 11, even if I speak really loud, I get only a result of 7%-10% at max, even if the mic is set to 100%

That's the first time I see this. If I use any other mic I got around (from boom mic to webcam mic) I get to 65-70% while talking normal with mic set to 70%.

Again, something seems really wrong but so far I have no complain when others listening to me (Teamspeak or Discord)

Edit: Just noticed that if I go to Control Panel>Audio>Capture Device and if I speak as loud as possible, I just get two green bar at most, that's really strange.


There was an update for the ROG Delta S Animate. I've installed it, how does my mic sound?

I don't want to be to much out of @deadmansarmy with his issue in this topic but... I'm I getting crazy or do I hear the same high pitch static noise we talked on my topic??

It sound like it act exactly the same as mine too:
- At 0:24 second when you toggle the Noise Gate (that is still reveted with the Perfect Voice it seems) the noise seems to be louder, same as your voice
-At 0:25 when you toggle the Perfect voice (That do act like the Noise Gate in my book) it just lower thats noise again.

Finally when you activated AI Noise Cancellation, it just dissapeared

Is this possible to have the list of all the update of your Delta S? Armory crate just show me that 1040 firmware update.


Sure, here you go.

I'm positive I don't have the high pitched buzz, the noise you hear is my pc in the background.

DSA update.png

Alright fair enough, it that noise sounded lway different/ouder that in your previous audio capture on the other topic though.

As for the update, the HS plugin, it appears in the list of update one time, then dissapeared. I can't see if it is installed until I do the 1040 update ( I can't see that list on your screenshot). So I don't know if it was installed or not.

Anyway back in topic


The ASUS Framework Service - HS plugin is what looks like was updated as it has the most recent date (04-24-2023).

Device Firmware version shows 1040 at the bottom of my screenshot.

Is there something else you're looking for?