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ROG Delta not detectec on USB-C - PD_12V_PWR not pluged

Level 7


Post this in headset section but it could be related to how my motherboard handle USB-C front panel connector.

Windows 11 / Asus Crosshair X670E Gene / ROG Delta / Corsair RM 750X

At the moment the headset is connected into a front I/O USB-3 and working fine. But if I plug it without the USB-C to USB adapter directly into a front I/O USB-C it's not even recognized in the device manager.

The thing is, I don't have the cable to connect the PD_12V_PWR on the motherboard right next to the "USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C Front Panel connector" (as mentioned in the documentation - page 1-3) and I'm wondering if this is the cause of my problem. I read elsewhere that this connector allow for 60 watts (instead of 27 watts without it) to be delivered by the USB-C.

Do I need this cable to allow my headset to work with USB-C front I/O connector ?

Many thanks.