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ROG DELTA Left RGB light doesn't work anymore. Any tips?

Level 7
Hi there!

I recently bought a pair of DELTA headphones from amazon so i could use them with my Scar II and everything worked just fine for several months. A few days ago i realized that the left RGB is not working anymore (Right RGB light is still working). I thought that it was a software related issue at first but i tried changing the profile in Armoury, updating the BIOS (firmware) but nothing seems to work.

I also have trouble trying to change the rgb presets, for example; I click on static color and there is still rainbow. Nothing changes. I'm not 100% sure but i recently updated something called: "AURA KIT / HAL / SDK Device firmware.

PS: Connecting the headphones to my cellphone doesn't seem to fix the rgb issue

Apart from that, everything works like a charm!. Any suggestions? i do think that the recent update messed up my headphones since they do not change RGB anymore, in the other hand, audio software and EQ still works. Is there a hard reset option anywhere?

Sadly, i bought them second hand so i'm sure if the support will help me if a repair is needed.

XToxic124X wrote:
Has someone found a solution for this?

no luck so far

i've got same problem, did any1 find solution ?

I noticed the issue like today i turned my headset lights off and now when i wanted to turn the on the armory crate tells me i need to connect my device and it is already conncted :louco:

ASUS has recently released a FW update to fix this problem and it worked for me.

Yes I know and I already did that but the issue with the mic is still there everytime I turn off my computer at night and then the next day when I start my computer the mic sound is very low and I have to unplug it and plug it again it's so boring 😕

932062399 wrote:
Hey guys use this link to solve your issue

Already did it but only solved the rgb issue not the microphone issue, but thx for the advice 😕

XToxic124X wrote:
Has someone found a solution for this?

Update to the newest firmware. It has code that fixes the left earcup rgb not working.

Click the link and download the firmware. After you get the zip file just open it up and look through it until you find the .exe file. Run the exe and you'll be prompted to update the headset. Make sure the headset is plugged in while updating. Mine originally had no rgb on the left earcup like everyone else here, but after running the update it turned on the left rgb after months of it not working. If it acts funky, as in the left earcup rgb doesn't change color or turn off even with the power switch turned off, simply run the update prompt twice and that'll fix it. When I ran the update once, the left earcup couldn't change color at all, and wouldn't turn off unless I unplugged the whole entire headset, but after running the update twice it's working like brand new! I saw the firmware update on the website yesterday and remembered this forum from months ago so I figured you guys would need the link because armory crate doesn't push the update.

Simply update to the new firmware if you haven't already.

Here's the link with the update that fixes the left earcup rgb not turning on at all. Click the link and download the January 2021 release of the firmware. After you get the zip file, just use winrar or 7zip to open it and look through the folders. After looking through it, run the .exe file inside the folder wherever it is and you'll be prompted to update the rog delta. Make sure that your rog delta is plugged in obviously, and let the update run until it is done. I ran the update once, and it turned on the rgb on my left earcup but it had a problem with the rgb not turning off even with the switch being set to off and the rgb on the left earcup wouldn't change color. Simply run the update process twice and that fix any issues with the left earcup not turning off at all. I ran the update twice and armory crate can FINALLY control my headset to be synced with aura sync. Hope this helps everyone who hasn't already updated.

Level 7
Been a month with the same issue, left side died, right side keep the same color from the last time it worked, just to let you guys know nothing has worked for me.