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ROG Centurion - low volume

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping that some of you might be able to help me with my problem regarding my new Centurion headset.

I bought the Centurion from new a couple of days ago and from the first day I connected it and installed the driver the sound in my oppinion is too low.
I've tried turning up the volume everywhere but it's just not getting very loud.

Have any of you guys experienced the same or is the headset just not capable of playing sounds that high?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


white_stormy wrote:
can i use a usb 3.1 port to run the headset?

It's fine to use USB 3.1 ports but you still need to use two ports. The Centurion already has OCP (overcurrent protection) in place. A single cable is certainly ideal, but even now, many people are not ready for it. With the ROG Delta on the horizon, things are definitely changing for the better.
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