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ROG Centurion base unit speaker out options

Level 7
I have the ROG Centurion headset and base unit. I would like to connect the HDMI speaker out on the ROG centurion base unit to a soundbar that has an eARC HDMI input.

I think I have a few options
1) use an HDMI 2.0 cable from base to soundbar (tried this with various HDMI cables 1.1/1.2 and 2.0 - didn't work)
2) use HDMI on the base unit with x4 analogue 3.5mm jack and use a separate (multi-channel) analogue to digital converter with and eARC HDMI out
3) maybe order a custom cable, however, if the base unit is outputting analogue signals ill still need to convert back to a digital signal 1st

Do these options make sense? have I missed a 4th / 5th option
To double-check is the output from the HDMI speaker output on the base unit analogue or digital?

Many Thanks

Level 7

Confirm the following:

Rog Centurion headset + Creative Soundblaster ZX-R = amazing sound!!!!!

The headset itself is surprisingly great quality, but the USB soundstation is not. You can use the original HDMI -> analog audio speaker cable that came in the package, but you have to use it the other way around (analog audio -> HDMI). The trick is easy:
- You need 2 jack - jack cable, connect it to center + sub output of the soundcard and the proper "input" of the speaker cable
Connect the other jack-jack cable to the surround output of the soundcard and the relevant input of the speaker cable
- You need one RCA (left+right) - jack cable: using this you can connect the RCA output of the soundcard to the speaker cable (2 front channels).
- Also you need a female - female HDMI extender adapter to connect the HDMI part of the speaker cable to the HDMI cable of the headset

That's it. The cable just works! Apparently it has the exact same pin-arrangement as the analog output of the USB soundcard. The sound quality is amazing! Comparing this setup to the original soundcard is like night and day.