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Repairing a cable for ASUS ROG Vulcan ANC

Level 7
Howdy Folks

Greetings from South Africa. I'm glad to say I've figured out how to fix this damn cable after I fell victim to a faulty cable as well. The service from Asus regarding this issue is a complete abomination and non-existent, which I as an engineer, finds unacceptable! Anycase, my cable developed a dry joint near the jack that inserts into the headset itself, and I proceeded to excise this piece of cable, and joined the cable back to a brand new jack. With the following pinouts you should be able to repair a variety of issues with your cable as well (such as a cat that decided that it was lunch).

So here we go! I apologise if the image is a bit blurry but you should be able to make out the wires. After carefully stripping your cable you will find 6 wires.

Red = Right Audio Channel
Green = Left Audio Channel
Blue - Ground
Light Blue with copper weave - Ground

Also inside, is another insulated black wire, which contains two additional wires:

Copper - Ground
White insulated - Mic


1) ALL wires are coated, meaning they are non-conductive unless the coating is removed. Don't bother trying to sand off the coating, put a bit of solder on a soldering iron (called tinning it), and hold against the wire tips, move around slightly to coat the wire tip with solder (this will also burn the non-conductive coating off). In the image above you can see that I have tinned the wire tips.

2) Solder together all the ground wires.

3) Solder the now joined single ground wire, and the remaining 3 wires to your new audio jack, with the following pinout:


You should then be using your Vulcan headset and mic again in no time You can easily adapt these instructions to other scenarios as well, for instance if your cat chewed the cable in half, remove the damaged areas, strip the wires, tin them, and join colour to colour. You can insulate the joints with a bit of hot glue or heat shrink, and finally reinforce the entire joint.

I hope this helps some folks out there.