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Questions about Asus Theta 7.1

Level 7
Hi all,

I am interested in buying a pair of Asus Theta 7.1 but I would like to ask Asus staff and Theta owners some questions:

1) I have read lots of negative comments about headset front channel volume. It seems that volume level was good with firmware FW0034, but got worse with firmware FW0038 and FW0039.

Newer version v38, v39 amplify the back channels by lowering volume on the front channels. Because of this you can hear ambient sound (even over actors voice) more than you should. Front channel volume: v34 > v39 > v38 ('>' means greater than)

What is the latest firmware available and this low volume issue been fixed? Is Asus still working on the issue or has just abandoned any further firmware development?

2) What is the end-of-life support for this headset? I have seen that Asus released Armoury Crate for Windows 11 on March 17th 2022 but I would like to be sure that the headset will not be discontinued/unsupported anytime soon

I own a pair of real 5.1 headset (not Asus product) and drivers are no longer updated, resulting in some features not fully working after major Windows 10 update

3) What is the build quality? Some reviewers claim they are very sturdy and solid while others complain about cheap plastic prone to breaking. What is your opinion?

4) Is the pop/crackling issue been solved?

I have read some threads where people complain about this issue but I have not understood if this is hw or sw/firmware related

5) From what I can read, these headset feature "virtual bass" since there are 4 drivers per earcup and there is not a real driver for bass. How do bass sound when listening to music/playing games?

6) Do you feel the audio wire on the chest uncomfortable/annoying? I have read some people claiming it's heavy/rigid, especially the Y junction

I'm saying you could probably put thick oval-shaped earpads on there and it would be close enough to stay on the headphones AND fit over your ear. The earpads don't have to be exactly the same shape as the headphones because they just have a strip of fabric that stretches over a lip on the headphones. It's an approximate fit.

I once put large oval earpads on small round headphones by cutting a sheet of plastic into an oval with a round hole in the middle. Round hole fit on the headphones; outer oval fit the earpads. This will change the sound of the headphones but it's entirely possible to use differently shaped earpads if you are creative.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Just looked at the review on the headphones ASUS ROG DELTA.

This is a very negative note in the field.
The question arises whether it makes sense to order a ROG Centurion for a test if an intelligent gamer not testing of ROG headphones before manufacturing them. 😉