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My Tuf monitors sound is just not good enough

Level 9

This Tuf Monitor VG247Q1A  doesnt have any headphone socket and THAT is a problem because...   
 the sound volume is PP week  with bass quality non-existent    either its just the screen or the the sound card (same code) or both  Neither have any guts*   - not even for gaming!! 
For example, if I crossed my room and stood at the open door with its volume at 100% playing sniper elite mp I wouldnt even wake the cat  (ok ok thats a bit of an exaggeration) . I also would need this headphone output for music, its overall sound quality has got to be capable of blowing my socks off.    
Right now I'm going web shopping for that  BUT I need some heads ups from this community on what not to go near
as much as what to look at for
This hastily bought monitor - I hadnt realised there were inbuilt speakers on it   arrrrgh  (> <)   
So it must plug into this screen and play  because no wifi or bluetooth will do  neither wifi nor bluetooth output is getting past the screens sound output. there doesnt seem to me to be a way past these windows byzantine sound settings  
Maybe an ASUS sound bar is the answer or is there a compatible sound bar failing that an ASUS brand is available ??

*if you know what Im trying to say 

I have thought of adding a Xonar sound card like in my old pc  maybe  maybe much later for that  when Ive paid for Christmas..