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Microphone not working ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING

Level 7

I have a brand new computer with a ROG STRIX b450-F gaming in it and for one reason or another the microphone on my headset is simply not working on this new board.

What equipment do I have and what have I tried?

Headset - Bowers and wilkins p5 (also tried several other headphones...). I've tried both an adapter (so that it is connected to the mic and the headphone-jack) and also just plugging them into the headphone jack - it works great on my other PC's, so it's not the Mic.

I've tried reinstalling drivers, tweaking settings in the ASUS software (supremeFX) and Realtek settings. Also tried a combination of settings in the Windows Recording Devices and Playback devices settings.Also tested my microphone on various online website but nothing worked for me.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, they are appreciated.

Level 13
First turn off automatic driver updates in windows.
Uninstall the supremeFX drivers from device manager and select delete drivers.
right click and search for new hardware and select search for driver, first choice. It will install a default windows driver. Had same issue with my daughters laptop with MIC not working and she had to have it for remote classes via zoom. worked perfectly. If you dont disable the auto update for drivers in windows update it will simply come right back.