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Loud beep when adjusting volume - Strix 700

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I'm not sure how to fix this issue. When connected via wired and i just the volume, there's no beep coming from the headset. However, when connected via Bluetooth, and i adjust the volume, there's a VERY loud beep coming from the headset. I would need to take my headset off every time i need to adjust the volume, since the beep itself is deafening.

The beep only happens with any volume change. It does not happen any other time, so I'm confused what's causing it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Level 7
Came here to confirm this. It is damn near eardrum shattering.

Love the headset, but please, you have to get rid of this problem, or you will have lawsuits from alot of deaf people.


I have received mine few days ago and they are indeed overall a great headset.
However this beep when changing volume it's terrible and I tried everything i know
it's possible and had no luck stopping it.

I'm also having trouble with what i think is low battery sound ( it's like a triple beep ) which
it's also really annoying and i couldn't find any info about this either.
Let me know if you know about this because it makes everything less enjoyable.

Please solve this problem.

Level 7
The bluetooth quality isnt that great either, and the constant pop in is driving me nuts.

This headset is supposed to be top of the line, and its being priced as such. These problems shouldnt exist.