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Complaints about the Strix Go

Level 9
I said Asus needs to produce only boards for that they are good, the rest i DON'T trust them at all, why most of peripheral from Asus they don't make reviews, i mean the great youtubers, look how many youtubers made for Asus strix go, i will tell you why, because they are very bad, and they can't lie that "big" like most of them say amazing product, best sound" they are full of ....and now mr Englishman.Xperia, i know i talk to a fanboy for Asus, but telling me you did use so many headset from amazing brands, and you came and say you like asus headset that's worrying me, that i am hearing more "fanboy" than a honest opinion, noise cancelling is superb" the noise cancelling is really bad, is changing your voice sound, discord option is much better, and it is free, i don't wanted to sound like a bad guy but, Asus needs to STOP making headset in my opinion, look how many people have issues with older or new models. Have a nice Sunday man!

Level 9
The headset has issues from the realese. try to send them back or sell them, they are a big disaster, for one year i struggle with them, i am was so mad all the time when i use them, there is no fix, i try all the FW and my store send me second headset new, and they did the same, disconnects and reconnects, the mic is terrible you need to restart it after 1-3 hours, they are comfortable, but that's it, they have the worse sound i hear in 20 years of gaming, music just don't use it, they have 0 bass, the middle and treble are a mess! I can't help you, the last FW is the best, but unfortunately they are not a fix for them!

Actually I really like them, they are light, comfortable, good wireless range, the sound for me is pretty good. Battery last few days without charging which is also perfect and they have fast charge, the only thing I don't like is that disconnects when they fall under 25%. Maybe they are close to zero, but because of the software it show 25% which is last step (100 -> 75 -> 50 -> 25 -> 0, but I suppose we can't see zero because this mean headset is completely discharged and no connection will be possible). SO my guess is they are auto turning off to save battery and prevent going to zero battery. Only my desire from ASUS team is to fix this battery increment to be more precisely as my mouse. About the microphone, its better than the my old headset -> ROG Delta

Hey guys,

I split this out into a separate thread so feel free to continue this debate, just keep it civil please.

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Level 9
I mean the microphone is changing your voice( in a bad way) people was telling me on discord, and i always need it to restart them, "the sound for me is pretty good" trust me a 10 euro AKG sounds 10x times better then this headset, i got like 20+
headsets home, and test some of my customer's ones (i am it tehnician) when i said, trust me, i know what i am talking about, people forget why they buy headset, for the sound and wireless in your case, i am verry happy i sold them, i will never ever buy headset from Asus! The software armoury create is a big NO too.

Level 9
I do have a set and tested against a few others, but how good they sound is something that will differ from a person to another.

What I agree with you, they have a very weak bass but fortunately, this is not a music set, its a gaming one. For music Sony has the edge, even on lower end models.

The sound will get better with Armoury, without that it is what it is. (Wireless mode)

What I really like, they have an excellent package, carrying case, weight and feel. Detachable mic is also a big plus, and it has 2 mics. Versatility is also something worth mentioning, not all headsets come with USB-A/USB-C and Audio Jack like this one.

Voice recording is overall mediocre on wireless mode, but they are crystal clear in communications and the Ai Mic noise cancelling is superb! During games and meetings, I find them better than every set I've delivered at my work, Jabras, plantronics and others. (I'm also an IT)

There are some connection drops but, most of the other headsets I've tested, they'll do the same, could be interference around my house.

Now plug them with the jack and its a different sounding headset. No the bass won't be better but overall sound and the mic recordings becomes so much better.

Remember that its cleary stated on the ASUS website that you will only have Hi-Res audio with audio jack for this model.

I've tested against HyperX Cloud, Corsair Void, Plantronics Voyager, Jabra Evolve 65, Sony 1000XM3, SonyEricsson HPM85. The Sony is my personal best sounding pick but BT for gaming.. no... Too much bass and I can hear the click of the mouse much before than the actual shot in a FPS.... 😞

Overall I would pick again the Strix Go 2.4, from comfort to what it sounds.

Versatility is another cool win.

I can use the Strix with the audio jack on a old gameboy, pick the amazing carrying case and travel with them plugged via USB-C on my phone. Answer a call without having the need to plug the main mic. Use it on a old laptop with just USB-A.

What I really don't like and its the worst offender in the Strix Go...

They do not have replaceable pads like the RoG Delta has. 😞

Level 9
Man who buys headset for a bag, or confort, of course it is important, but for sound man, there is NO gaming headset in this world, they call it this way they(making money) change the colors shapes so they look like a gamer headset, the speakers are the one that are use everyday in a headset/headphones, and the 7.1 it is a simulation from a software, music games are made stereo, you didn't test Anker q30( win 2020 best Bluetooth headset) is a 79 euro, that kill all of them out there, i am so impress i say, "this is not real how good they sound" i can't believe man, you choose Asus, for the top brands that make everyday headsets and not everything else what asus is doing, and not focusing on mobo and that's it! I hope you enjoy yours, i am out!

Level 9
I beg to differ. There is a lot of people who buys stuff for the whole package, including RGB, carrying case, versatility and integration.

And like I said, sound perception is not a fixed value, changes from a person to another, its not absolute. And also changes with different environments too. That's why I have 3 sets, one for work, one for PC and another for music.

I haven't tested the Anker as I already have the Sony XM in the BT department. The to go set for music and noise cancelation. BT for FPS gaming is a NO GO for me, too laggy.

The comfort is important, because I spend a lot of hours on the PC video editing, and the battery can hold it quite well, another plus. I think they can last 25h that's 5 hours a day in a working week.

And I don't understand what you wanted to say in the last sentence, its just confusing. What does the board have to do with my headset pick? And yes, ASUS is my go to brand, everything in my PC is ASUS RoG. I tried so many brands during my 32 years of tech that to me, for the time being, ASUS is the go to brand.

Level 9
Why? They should as a company do what they must, and if they are not good enough, they can improve overtime.

I'm sorry but I don't agree with you. Why does a youtuber needs to tackle this specific headset when its not even the flagship model from RoG. Headsets is not something I see a lot with top tubers doing, they have bigger fish to try. But saying its all bad because of that, well, that's a long stretch.

I'm sorry but I believe your confusing topics here. The only headsets I've tried are in another post I've made:

I've tested against HyperX Cloud, Corsair Void, Plantronics Voyager, Jabra Evolve 65, Sony 1000XM3, SonyEricsson HPM85.

And when I say that I my entire build is ASUS, is because overall during my years of tech, and they are not a few. ASUS can put in a lot of effort in the overall quality of their stuff. And that is my honest opinion. From the unboxing to the actual product, they are very good no denying in that. And if you are doubts about that and want to consider Youtubers, Linus does a RoG rig reboot every now and then, with only RoG products.

Don't worry, you are not a bad guy at all, its just your opinion and fortunately we have a lot of brands to pick from. Let me give you an example:

If you like MSI, Gigabyte, Asrock or Powercolor, then we are again in opposite sides, because to me, these brands are the worst offenders and I had a lot of problems, malfunctions and bad customer support.

To sum things up, because we are hijacking a topic from another user and that's not fair.

There are no fanboyism here, ASUS is just another company like many others, pick what you like/sounds/looks/feels best to you as I did for me. 🙂

Level 9
@Englishman.Xperia man RESPECT, you get from me, you sound like a kind man, you answer so friendly, is hard seeing a "nice person" this days, i don't agree with the part "ASUS can put in a lot of effort in the overall quality of their stuff "man they copy paste strix go with the new headset they release it, only think, the shape is a bit different and has rgb, you need to read this forum more, an see how many issues they have with software or firmware of there headset, and the support man, is really bad, they answer me after 1 years spamming this forum and emails, i don't know about other brands, i never had issues with MSI or Gigabyte, Asrock, yeah i apologize for the owner of the thread, but i almost never write something on forums, only when i get issues or i get mad, that is not fair to buy 180 headset and then get disconnection you know, i was frustrated 1 year and 3 months with this headset, my point is i regret the first day that i buy this Strix Go wireless and the company where i buy them they didn't wanted to give me my money back, and now i sell them on ebay, but yes is normal and human to have our own opinion and experience in this life, and btw i don't like or have a brand that i like, msi looks bad with that dragon, gigabyte i don't like the eagle(they have stronger boards than asus), asrock are in the middle but still ugly and slow bios last time i test and install on my costumer pc, so i pick Asus x570 Strix-F was a best price 215 euros, that's why i buy it, not that i like so much Asus, i hate there software armoury crate, slow and not efficient, but yeah this is my opinion, i just agree that motherboards Asus they make them great, but is not the premium brand that was 10 years ago! My english is crap i know! Have a beautiful night/day man!