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Cetra True wireless armory crate error 2005

Level 8

it has been almost a month with this error

armory crate keeps loading then shows error row 318 row 317 H(2005) when I try to change cetra settings

I also have strix impact and it works fine with settings accessible

I tried unisntalling ac and reinstal and also changing windows problem persists

When I first got it it was working fine but not now


Level 7

Same issue.

Level 8

no issue is not solved

Level 7

Same issue and seems ASUS is doing nothing about it

Level 8

ARMOURY CRATE SE 30-Nov-23 11_58_04.jpgHi, I have just purchased ROG Cetra True Wireless, I am trying to use them with ROG Ally and I have the same issue:

  • connect the Cetra to the Ally
  • open Armoury Crate SE
  • go to Settings
  • select the Connected Device box
  • I see "ROG CETRA TRUE WIRELESS on the left while in the right I have a spinning wheel with "Loading" message for a while, then an Alert appears with the following text:


row_318 (H-2005)

and just the OK button.

exactly my problem too 

That bug was there for a while now may be month or even more

just like the ai noise cancelling bug that was there for like a month too

Level 7

Same issue as well. Also resulting in really bad latency, appx +400 ms


Level 7

Same issue and same error.

Rog Cetra TW on a G14 2021.

Level 7

so i had some problem all i did used armory crate uninstaller, then i installed it again with full instalation pack 
once you open full installation pack you can choose asus rog cetra and let it go, afther installation is complete you can try it but do not update drivers or it will keep showing same error you had before

Level 7

i got the same issue i wrote to asus they wanted me to record the issue and upload it in some weird way i cant bear