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Can i get a new usb dongle for rog strix wireless gaming headset ?

Level 7
As the tittle say I wanna know if there is a way to get a new USB dongle, my dog ate mine 😞
cant find anything related to that or any where that sells it.

The product is this one :

I needed i can pay for a new one

I live in Brazil. Thanks.

Hey Nermalion, the inquries section is only available to escalate an existing RMA. You would have to work with regular phone or email support first. AFAIK the dongle is not available separately but you could check Ebay as someone may have a broken headset.
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Community Admin
Community Admin
Unfortunately, the receivers cannot be purchased separately since they are produced with the headset as a pair. If you are able to send in the faulty one..... there might be possibility our service center may be able to do something.
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