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Rog Theta 7.1 sound "clicks"

Hello,I've got this headset and I have a strange problem. When I listen audio source with interrupts (ifor example a debate, when someone stops to talk) I hear a "click". Very annoying with an audio which alternate sounds and blanks. I tried the head...

Snqk3 by Level 9
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ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro Concept Cancelled

For those who were looking forward to the launch of the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro:  Unfortunately, we encountered certain technological limitations pertaining to the mechanical parts which facilitate reliable and durable switching between wired and...

TWS Pro.jpg
MasterC by Community Manager
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ROG delta s Animate low audio even at 100%

so I looked at other posts that looked like what my problem is but even when i followed  what they said but even then the audio is as if it was set to 20%-30% and i went to the arm app and that didn't do much to clarify much. then proceeded to the wi...

image_2023-04-22_161108530.png Screenshot 2023-04-22 161010.png Screenshot 2023-04-22 161043.png

ROG Delta S Animate High pitch mic noise with firmware 1040

Well, since in Armoury Crate my Voice Gate and Perfect Voice slider seems backward for me and I'm the only one that seems to notice it,  I wanted to be sure that my ROG Delta S Animate was not deffective so I order a second one. Out of the box, Voice...

PWN3D_ by Level 8
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Problem Asus ROG Strix Fusion Wireless

Goodmorning,I have recently acquired Asus ROG Strix Fusion Wireless Touch Control function pause/play and change songs doesn't work, nothing is happening.Instead i think that the sound up/down it is not perfect configured ...the sound rises or little...

Tiziano by Level 7
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Resolved! Rog theta 7.1 I can't play true surround sound 7.1

On Windows 11 and after an update. The option to enable true surround sound is no longer present. It's now virtual surround sound like cheap headphones. What is the solution? I contacted support and they did nothing. The headset is still in warranty ...