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Asus Strix 7.1 vs Asus ROG Centurion, which is best?

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So I have decided to get one of these two true 7.1 headsets, but I'm having a hard time deciding which one. The ROG is a bit newer than the Strix, so I figured it might be a bit better. But then I saw this:

The Strix seems to score higher in that comparison, in both lowest and highest frequency.
Does anyone have experience from both of these and/or happen to know if one actually is better than the other, and why? Specifics are appreciated.

The Strix with the owl eyes looks slightly better on the outside, but the sound is more important after all.
In my country (Sweden) the Strix is slightly more expensive than the ROG; if the Strix would have been less than half the price as I have seen it is in some countries I would have already ordered that I think. However, if the Strix is indeed concidered to be better than the ROG I would not mind paying a little bit more for it, since I'm already going to spend quite a lot anyway.

Also important to note that the microphone is irrelevant to my decision; I want the best sound and will take whatever microphone happens to come with it.
And yes, I have made my mind up and I want true 7.1, so I would prefer to not get recommendations saying to buy virtual ones, I'm having a hard enough time deciding as it is with only two alternatives 🙂

Lastly, do they both work properly today in Windows 10? I read there was some Windows update a while back that removed surround support for some other headsets, so the only option both in games and Windows settings is stereo, however the ones I read about mostly seemed to be virtual ones. Are these two headsets affected by this or they work as they should?

Thanks in advance for any answers that might help me with my decision.

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Community Admin
Take into account that many games do not utilize 7.1 properly - often the dedicated subwoofer channel is left out completely and the volume for surround channels is very low. A custom firmware has been created for the Centurion to cater for such games.

No such concerns for movies with 7.1-channel support, either will work great. No need to spend extra on the Strix in your case.
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Thanks for the input. I interpreted your post as that firmware you mentioned was only for Centurion and not available for the Strix 7.1, and this combined with the lower price tag and the included stand sealed the deal, so I ended up ordering the Centurion. Looking forward to delivery.