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Asus ROG Vulcan ANC - No Bass, Distorted Sound, Sounds like im underwater!

Level 7
Just paid £80 for these headphones, they arrive and I cant hear the music, cant hear vocals, just hear a very very distorted beat, no bass, sounds awful.

Really dissapointed.

Brand new, straight out the box to my PC. Tried with ANC on and off, other headphones work fine


Level 7
So when I pull the wire out of the PC slightly the sounds fine, but every couple of seconds it goes fuzzy, so Asus ROG, considering the product was delivered with a fault, I need a new wire, if thats not possible then a new headset and all the accessories

Again, really disappointed at the fact you dont even test the product before sending it to people.

Just tested the microphone and it doesnt work, what the hell is this? You think an £80 product should go through no testing!?!?

Whats Q-tips?

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I dont think this the official RMA Contact form..

Tried Q-tips?

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I'm having the same problem, this is like a slap in the face 😞 I'm really disappointed

i realized that i wasn't pushing in the audio cable into the headset enough. try jamming the thing in there, worked for me

Level 15
^^^ Caution, do not grunt while "Jamming" said wire into the hole 😉