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asus rog strix fusion 700 latest Armoury Create sound optimization doesnt work!

Level 7
Armoury Create lates verision my rog srix fusion 700 sound optimization doesnt work. All sounds and all options same sounds. Even if I change the sound effects, there is no change in the sound.
I have reinstalled many times but no help in reinstalling. It doesn't work.
Before the update, it was working fine in the previous version, it is not possible to go back to the old version, please help.
windows 10 64 bit 21H2
i7 8700k
gigabyte aorus z370 gaming 3
corsair ddr 4 mhz 32 gb ram
Asus rog strix gtx 1080
samsung ssd 970 evoplus 1 tb system


Hi Han555,

It could be the way they programmed it this version, in the list from Gaming on down, the settings are the same with subtle differences.

I don't find this too big of a deal as I like to adjust the EQ to my liking, but it's worth pointing out.

Is the EQ working for you?

Make sure it's turned on, the two end bands on the EQ have no sound adjustments, it's always been this way and is the same for Sonic Studio.

This is with the ROG Delta S Animate

EQ doesn't work at all.

No sound settings are working.

many time install reinastal not working last update doesnt work for me.

i am waiting solution pls fi it.


When you reinstalled Armoury Crate, did you use the Armoury Crate uninstall tool?

If not, you'll want to use it.

Click the link below to the ASUS Support Center, select your operating system then click "Show all", it's the second download.

After using the uninstall tool, reinstall Armoury Crate, does this give you sound control?

yes i used uninstall tool all the time.
I tried with other removal tools, same result. doesnt work.
i delete register files and I tried every way you can think of doesnt work for me. Uninstall other direvers realteak nvidia, chipset bla bla after reintaslling windows 10 64 pro all updates no no no doenst work. There is definitely a problem with this version for fusion 700

Thank you for the information.

Since reinstalling windows 10 didn't work, how would you feel about upgrading to windows 11 pro for free and giving it a try?

You will want to do a full fresh clean install.

To upgrade to windows 11 pro is easy, have a clean 16GB flash drive inserted into a USB port, click Download Now under "Create Windows 11 Installation Media".

1) Download Windows 11 -

2) In the bios advanced settings, set TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) to PTT. In boot options, enable Secure Boot.

3) Set the usb flash drive as the first boot device, reboot and windows installation should begin.

4) Once installed, install the latest chipset driver for your motherboard as windows 11 doesn't install the chipset driver.

5) Fully update windows and all other drivers.

6) Install Armoury Crate.

PS - Be sure to have a Microsoft account, it will link your Microsoft windows 10 account to windows 11,

Level 7

make sure you have audio enhancements turned on