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Asus ROG Orion Pro Earcups are tearing up

Level 7
Having owned 2 headsets which are my main = Razer Megalodon and my back up = Asus ROG Orion Pro , my Razer Megalodon died out just 2 days ago ( 4 years of use ) and took out my Asus ROG Orion Pro which I have seldomly used maybe around a 5 days worth of time and then this I noticed after 2 days of using it for the first time in months . Please do not tell me that this is the result of wear and tear as I barely use this and only for LAN tournaments ( since it looks sexy ) and compared to the lifespan of my Razer Megalodon , you could see that I am very careful with my gears .


Level 9
Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I was checking my tutorial and saw your post. It looks like you're victim to manufacturing flaws in this particular pair. I've owned 3 of these now (repaired all 3) and none of them have ripped at the seam like yours have. The last pair I bought were really dirty and cleaned up great with some vigorous scrubbing with concentrated isopropyl. If all of the ear cups were that delicate they surely would have ripped when cleaning.

I have been contacted by several others that have these that have used my tutorial to fix their sound issue, but none that have had a ear cup rip like yours. You should definitely contact asus directly to see if you can get replacements.

Good luck

Level 14
If contacting Asus doesn't work out, you might benefit from Oregon Aero's "Omega Plus" EDGE headset upgrade. They would completely replace/upgrade the torn earcups anyhow, and you would still "look sexy" at the LANs, lol.
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Level 9
So the other day I had to listen to some audio recorded on my fiancee's phone that was really low. Grabbed my Orions and of the ear cups were ripped.

So I did what any normal person would do, got some krazy glue and went to town.


Applied some glue and pinched it closed


I also ordered some replacement ear cup pads from china. The outside needs to be 90mm, and the inside needs to be anywhere from 50-75mm (it doesn't really matter that much).

Here's a link to them

I will post back here when I get them, it will probably be 3 weeks or so.

Level 9
Got the ear cup pads in the mail. Direct replacement isn't possible since ones I used are a tad smaller. Though once modified they look and feel great.

First I cut the replacement ear cup's mesh so I could use the red mesh from the original ear cups. Then I ripped off the old ear cups off the old mount and mesh. Then I took superglue and glued the new ear cups to the old mesh and mounts.

Here's some pictures





Everything works as expected and it doesn't look like these will fall apart like the pleather ones.

Like the thread. Mine are tearing apart too (ear cups AND the foam on the headband) and might do the same as you did. Just trying to find the right replacement ear cup as none are cheap/ships to where I am. Might post pictures for update 🙂