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ASUS ROG Delta S Wireless turning off to sleep mode

Level 8

Hi I have a question.

My new ROG Delta S Wireless headset is amazing. But I encountered a small inconvenience. In Armoury Crate I can set the time after which the headset goes to sleep. But I don't know how to wake up the headset only solution I found is switch it back to off and on 2.4 or bluetooth again. My question: Is there other way to turn it on from sleep different way than turning it off and on? Because I like this feature on my Harp Ace mouse but mouse wakes up after pressing button or moving. Headset don't.



Level 7

It's interest me too.


Hi guys,

Does raising or lowering the volume bring your ROG Delta S wireless headset out of sleep?

No it doesn't. Now I waited time for sleep mode and after the time headset said power off and completely turned off. I tried presing microphone button, multi-function button, and raising or lowering volume on headset and in my computer. I also tried playing video with sound but headset is still turned off even Armoury Crate sees it offline and turned off. To turn on the headset I need to switch it to off and 2.4 again.


Today I tried. No luck. Headset is still off after waking my pc from sleep. No LED lights up or flashes. I tried pressing everything on headset and setting volume in pc nothing works. My Armoury Crate widget sees headset with low battery but when I want to do someting with headset in app it shows me its offline. Its possible some mistake is in Armoury Crate or headset software.




Edit: My headset had low battery but its interesting Armoury Crate widget sees battery but app dont see even headset.