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Asus ROG Delta needs a firmware update

Level 7

Hi All,

Anyone else having issues with ROG Delta headset with the firmware version of v152? Everytime Armoury Crate updates the firmware to v152 I always loose to ability to change any sort of EQ or Bass or any other settings on the Delta page of Armoury Crate. Including the microphone settings. The only firmware version that's working for me with the latest Armoury Crate software is v038. I also have one firmware which is probably v150 but it's not working either. At first I thought my Realtek Audio driver interferes with the sound, even when I own a B550-E Gaming motherboard and the driver is from Asus support site... Turned it out it's not. It's the firmware. So I hope any official from Asus will see this post, as the headset needs an update ASAP! 😞