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Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless Connection Issue!

Level 7

Hello guys,

I assume Im not the first one with the following issue but I did not find a proper solution for my problem yet. I hope you can help me, otherwise I have to return my new earbuds.

I got the ROG Cetra True Wireless earbuds and I really like them in principle. Via Bluetooth I can connect them to my Laptop (Acer Nitro 5). However, in the Armoury Crate App it does NEVER appear, no matter what I try (re-installation of the app did also not work). On my Iphone 13 it is neither found via the App nor from the internal Bluetooth search - come on, that is a joke. They say it is compatible with iOS and then it is not ...

Can someone provide me a fix? Im really frustrated. I love Asus Products (Im very happy with my Nitro 5, although I would have preferred something from Asus to be honest :); but in the end the price was a factor also ^^), but Im quite dissapointed now.

And: How can I connect my iPhone with Armoury Crate on the Laptop if its not an Asus Laptop?

Best regards,



Edit: Connected it to my Iphone now. Somehow the pairing mode decided to work. Problem on the Laptop is remaining.


Level 7

Ok guys, I found the fix!

First of all, you MUST deinstall Armoury Crate with the official deinstall tool! Otherwise you get errors in the following installation. Then, you MUST choose the full installation package of Armoury Crate. In the full installation package you can choose before installation which modules should be installed. Choose the rog true wireless and it appears in the app later!