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ASUS ROG Centurion Headset Update?

Level 8
Good day Bahz...

Would it be possible for you to give us all an update on the situation with the Centurion headset?

How did your testing go and have the engineering team made any head way?

Many thanks...


Level 7
I'm gob smacked. Absolute cluster f#*+ atm. No info from anyone on here either.

I think it's enough to force ASUS to take measures to publicly acknowledge failure, giving information and others! IS IT INTOLERABLE ... can we be strong by tweeter, expensive or somehow joint?

@Morph, @MrCyberdude & any other Australians on here, have you gotten your headset replaced yet, is the 'new' set any better hardware wise, speakers or mic or both?

I'm also in Australia and have been looking at this headset ever since it's come out but with all these horror stories I've been putting off purchasing a set for about 6+months now.
Are you guys able to take a look at the production number, Hardware Version OR MFG year on the original box you guys bought, I'm not wanting to purchase one of the dodgy Mic/speaker pair if I can help it, I'll be in Perth on Monday so I'll be able to take a look at a pair, if their MFG date is relatively new... well newer then your H.Ver, MFG date, etc. I might buy them if it's roughly the same I'll just pass.

It's sad I've been looking/waiting for a replacement for my Analog Razer Tiamat 7.1's but for everything that's going on maybe they're still the best on the market for true 7.1 speaker channels. I am using a Soundblaster 7.1 sound card with them, so that's possibly the saving grace, but I'm wanting to upgrade to a Mini-ITX so the card will have to go.

Hope you guys get your replacements soon, but if you can please take a look and post here MFG, Hardware Ver. dates etc. myself and possibly others might be able to avoid this debacle.