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Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 - What is your choice of speakers?

Level 7
Hello everyone!

After seeing so many negative threads about the mic of the headset, I thought I'd change it up a bit with a general question.
I'm using the headset for a few weeks now (and haven't noticed any bad quality on the mic, maybe bc I only use it for Discord?).

Thus far I'm really liking it, the 7.1 audio setup in the ear cups really adds an extra dimension to the sound compared to my old headset, the Corsair HS30.

I'm using a simple 2.1 speaker set from Logitech, the Z-523, which was previously connected through a single (green) 3.5mm jack to the back of my PC (mobo connection).

Since I picked up the Centurion, I connected the cables a described in the manual, except for the speaker connection of course..
Because it (the amp base) only had one (green) connector, I figured that was the one I should connect my speakers to...
Oh boy, I was wrong!

Guess I'm a real audio noobie! 😄

Today I was watching Netflix and the sound was really... Filtered in some way.
I didn't experience this issue with Spotify/gaming..

After opening the Asus ROG 7.1 (sonic suite), I saw the sound was outputting to other channels than Spotify..
Then it hit me.. The AMP base has more than 1 speaker connection... To connect 7.1 speaker sets of course!
After switching the speakers 3.5mm jack to the corresponding channel, the sound was normal again.

I've temporary solved the issue by connecting the speakers directly to my pc again (like I used to), and now I need to switch between the 2 using Win10 audio output selector, but I want to use the Centurion AMP's switch.

This made me wonder, what kind of speaker setup is compatible with this 7.1 connection type..
So, Asus Community, please let me know what kind of speaker setup you are using on the AMP-base of the Centurion!

Please correct me where I'm wrong and let me know if there are things I might have overlooked..



Level 7
Bump, anyone?

atm i'm trying to connect the bose companion 3 speaker set to the base. that's a subwoofer module to which 2 small speakers connect.

somehow it sounds dreadful. in movies and all that, human voices are nearly inaudible and the rest of the audio seems really distorted.

to me it seems like you have to connect a full 7.1 speaker set and not a 2 speaker config ?

i went back to connecting the speakers to the audio jack on the computer which is a shame as i really wanted to use the button on the base and not windows to switch between headset and speakers

Community Admin
Community Admin
7.1 speakers with four 3.5mm jacks are compatible (Front/Side/Rear/Center+Subwoofer), or four different 2.1 speaker setups can be used to enhance the center, front and subwoofer channels. 🙂

Find the audio modes which you find preferable since that will affect the sound in both the headset and the speakers connected to the audio station. The key benefit is being able to switch quickly between the headset and the speakers with the physical button on the audio station.

Downmix is not supported, so a single 2.1 speaker setup is not recommended. If you only want to use stereo for both the headset and speakers then that's fine, although it defeats the purpose of purchasing a true 7.1 surround sound headset...
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