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ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 Release date?

Level 7
I hate how ASUS does these way too early teasers of new products and then release NO INFORMATION about them for what seems like ages. Been waiting for this headset for so long and my current pair finally were too worn out to bother repairing but once again I cannot find any info on a release date or even approximate release range or timetable or anything!

Anyone with inside info or info that I may have overlooked? Just purchased a Logitech G933 for the meantime but I would much rather have this headset they just make you sit and wait holding your breathe too long!

Level 13
It will get released eventually, though I'd recommend a stereo headset with the Out of Your Head driver if you want a surround experience. Best way to do it, IMO. It's what I use here at home.

Is there any news about the delay in sales of this centurion?

was wondering about this also, still says October on the site. well its way past that now and no info what so ever. seems to have gone a bit dark on the headset.

December guys 🙂 I'm very sure.
ASUS Nordic Merchandiser & Consultant
Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Dragomil wrote:
December guys 🙂 I'm very sure.

2016 ? :rolleyes:

Dragomil wrote:
December guys 🙂 I'm very sure.

still "very sure"? *It's now January and still no word from ASUS...

All we ask is for an updated expected release date. *Too much to ask? *Keep your customers informed so we don't waste our time and money going to a competitor for their sup par products *

I'm still waiting from October 2016.... We are now in 2017.

Hello Asus are you there??

same here..
i have the 7.1 strix but i want these
when in italy!? i m a rog addict

3 months late ... not a word of asus ... I just bought me a corsair VOID ...