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ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 Release date?

Level 7
I hate how ASUS does these way too early teasers of new products and then release NO INFORMATION about them for what seems like ages. Been waiting for this headset for so long and my current pair finally were too worn out to bother repairing but once again I cannot find any info on a release date or even approximate release range or timetable or anything!

Anyone with inside info or info that I may have overlooked? Just purchased a Logitech G933 for the meantime but I would much rather have this headset they just make you sit and wait holding your breathe too long!

Tired of waiting for even a response from Asus going to shop around for a different brand 7.1 headset.

Level 7
Same...... Any news guys???? I love that headset 🙂

Level 7
Overclockers U.K. *Quotes last week of December *£219 ouch! week pound I suppose**:mad:

Level 7
Now Feb...

omarras wrote:
Now Feb...

Now late February, almost March. It's not like the headset is still in development when people in other countries already have theirs and there are regular consumer reviews of the headset on YouTube already.
What gives for North America?