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ASUS just broke my #ROG DELTA ORIGIN , Good job ASUS!

Level 7

First of all I'm not the first one, similar case was a year and a half ago,  and there was another complain just two  month ago.

So, here is the case


 And this just after armory crate and drivers of headset were updated, what ASSus suggested in previous case? reinstall AC and drivers? Shure! Does it help? Of course not! When drivers itself are the issue.

So my headset have USB-C connection, and I just plugged them in my phone, guess what? Headphones are working TOTALLY FINE! Thank God there is no ASSus drivers for Android.

So, to summaries I guess, there are several similar headset devises or headsets of one model can have different components inside of Asus line-up and they use on same driver, then when new one comes out they just update driver for standards of this device and go to hell combability with old devices. 

Wanna old driver? - go to hell! Only drivers from our ******TY app!

Lord I thought I won't say this but thank you NVIDIA and others WHO DO this!





Community Admin
Community Admin

Please report the issue here, thanks.

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