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ASUS headphones replacement parts

Level 7
I just want to complain about the policy of access to the spare parts used by ASUS company

I think it is very bad that you can not buy nor cables, nor earpads or the microphone to the ASUS headphones

I searched the Internet and many users have this problem

I hope that my contribution will be another building block to change ASUS policy service and it will allow purchasing (do not want anything for free) spare parts for their products, so they do not have to buy a whole new set

I have personally headphones ASUS Vulcan, for which in my country, Poland, paid the equivalent of $ 125 and my earpads are starting to destroy

Level 8
Asus still not supplying spare earpads to loyal Asus customers who bought these.

See it for what Asus really think of their customer base, they do not care as long as they can milk money from people. Proffit 1st, customer service last.