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0141 Firmware update for the ROG Delta

Level 7
So i have updated the ROG Delta firmware to 0141 a few weeks ago and i have been battling a problem since. The problem: audio crackles sometimes and has gotten a lot louder to the point that i had to lower my volume by 10. I thought i had the same problems as a few months ago with another headset. Back then i just had to reinstall realtek audio drivers and that fixed it. But now i couldn't fix it that way. I tried lots of things but only one thing helped which i did earlier today. I downgraded my ROG Delta firmware to 0039_beta that can be downloaded from the support site. And that fixed it. Now i could return to my original volume and my audio is not crackling :). But now i dont know if Armoury Crate will battle me to update it again but if your testing confirms this then please fix it soon because i don't want to have problems with Armoury Crate.

Thank you.