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Xg mobile graphics not functioning

Level 7

Good day, folks. I've got a xg mobile (2022 model). With the STRANGEST problem. 

It'll hook up to my Ally, and my armory create will even recognize there's an XG mobile attached. Not to mention most of the ports function, too. The USB, the micro SD, even the ethernet port all function normally... 

But the HD and Display Port do NOT. NO data passes through them, and the list of attached devices doesn't show the graphics card, either.

It's the strangest thing, and reinstalling armory crate, and even windows on the Ally doesn't fix it. 

Thanks for reading... And help? 


Level 8

Do you by any chance have another XG mobile to test the connectivity? Or could you connect your XG to a friend's computer or your work (?) computer to see if it is recognized? That could let you know if the issue is within your computer or the XG.

I'm fairly certain it is not the Ally. As it functions perfectly fine, and only the graphics card is not recognized. I even had a local repair shop look into the whole setup, and they confirmed it was somewhere in the XG Mobile, though they only did software side, and couldn't ID the exact fault.