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XG Mobile 4090 crashes when Nvidia power mode is set to default "Normal" setting

Level 7

Since having bought the XG Mobile 4090 some weeks ago I have been getting crashes in Windows, with "Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found" in the windows event viewer. The crash associated in weird graphical glitches all over the screen and total freeze, no blue screen of sorts.

The crash NEVER appeared while running a game but in windows when browsing the web and whatnot. So I quickly got the sense the issue only occurs when the XG Mobile is more or less idle. A very long story of various troubleshooting steps (the usual; driver reinstall, trying multiple settings, Nvidia driver, Asus stock driver, turning off GPU acceleration in windows, etc) cut short; it was solved by going to the Nvidia control panel, choosing "manage 3D settings" and changing the "Power Management Mode"  from the default "Normal" to "Prefer Maximum Performance".

However that means the base clock of the XG Mobile is higher and won't go down to mere Mhz, and thus the fans being on all the time while doing mundane tasks in Windows. So I would prefer to have a working condition using the default Nvidia power setting. Any help is appreciated, I sense this is something for Asus to investigate.