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Windows 11 update shutdown RTX 4070 TI ventilators (RED LIGHTS)

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In the morning of  Wednesday 15 may 2024 I noticed Windows 11 rebooting and the Asus ROG RTX 4070 TI graphics cards become completely RED ! All red lights on ! (Before that I had turned off all leds manually to dark via software).

I recorded this event with my digital video camera:

Part 1: Windows 11 Update Shutdown Graphics Card Ventilators Part 1 of 2 (Discovery)

Part 2: Windows 11 Update Shutdown Graphics Card Ventilators Part 2 of 2 (Discovery)

The windows 11 update history mentions updates to .NET Framework and such.

I believe Asus Drivers may be using .NET Framework to control the graphics card ventilators ?

Is this indeed true ?

I have a further question about the red lights coming on:

1. Is this a build-in warning feature of these graphics cards to warn that the ventilators are not spinning ?

2. Is this a build-in warning feature to indicate the graphics card drivers need an update ?

3. Or is this a random occurences because the RGB software was somewhere changed/reset and RED happens to be a favorite color of Asus ?!?

So basically why did the RGB leds all turn RED ?!?

After updating Asus software/drivers the leds all went dark/black, since this is what I set it to "dark mode (off)".

I hope other people can shine some light on this, because it was quite concerning to me.

I don't like the idea of Windows 11 updates shutting down my ventilators !

I do like the idea of using RGB lights to warn that something is not right !

Bye for now,