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Strix 3090 White RGB

Level 9

So let me give an example of my situation. I reinstalled windows, and my card RGB works. I download Armoury Crate to control the lighting, and once i open Armoury, the RGB froze on the rainbow. By froze i mean that its supposed to be animated but its stuck, and any setting i change does not affect it. I shutdown the pc and the lights turn off. When i turn the PC back on, only one light on the GPU turns on and reacts to any changes that i make. None of the others do, and now they are stuck in the OFF state.

I tried uninstalling Armoury and reinstalling it. I tried different shutdown methods, clearing bios, clearing CMOS, reinstalling windows even. Still doesnt work. For some reason ONLY one LED works, and reacts to all my changes, but the rest of the card doesnt work.

On certain occasions, the RGB DOES start to work, and is fully functional, but then it freezes after about 30 minutes of usage. Any help is appreciated.

The video posted shows when the card RGB is FROZ and wont react. The video doesnt show the 1 light tha. does work. It is under the card and didnt show in the video. After shutting down the PC, all the stuck LED's turned off and are still off. 

EDIT: After reinstalling windows, It was working really well. Then i installed armoury crate. Changed the color, and it got stuck again. Doing the same thing now. Armoury crate is just weird weird at this point. Im gonna have to reinstall windows AGAIN.

EDIT: After reinstalling windows. The card is still stuck with no RGB. I have videos and all to show my problem, but literally the only LED that is working is the one on the 3rd fan away from the display inputs. RAM, mobo, case fans, they all work perfectly. I have no idea whats causing my strix to behave like this. What should i do? Help!


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Hi Aurelian, 

Im just going to go ahead with an RMA. This sucks because I will be using my integrated graphics for the time being and I dont even know how long an RMA will take. Hopefully they can figure this out because apparently the whole internet is stumped and cant understand whats going on with my card. I guess this thread is closed now since final solution is going to be an RMA. Ill update once my card is back. Could take weeks or a month i have no idea.

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Customer Service Agent

Hi @ItsHadyy ,

in response to your query, could you confirm if the issue with the RGB lights on your graphics card freezing occurred after updating Armoury Crate? 

What is your current Armoury Crate version? 

Could you provide a full video (from setting up the graphics card's lighting in Armoury Crate to the point where the lighting freezes)? 

What lighting effect are you currently using in Armoury Crate? 

Does the issue still occur if you use a different lighting effect? 

Have you tried "uninstall" to remove it? 

Please provide the Armoury Crate version and a screenshot of the Armoury Crate Update Center. 

Thank you.

Hello. So the issue occurred after updating Armoury Crate to its latest version. I reinstalled windows and it started working again, until i installed armoury crate and changed the color, this is where it stopped working. I have a vide to show. All my lighting effects are stock cuurently.

the link above takes you to a video to show how it was right when it got stuck. Upon shutting down and turning it back on, the lights stayed off. Even through boot.

the video above shows when i was reinstalling windows for the 3rd time with the card not lighting up. Only the 3rd Fan LED is seen lit. Also, the BIOS is stock. Updated to the latest.

sorry for the late reply. This photo should show the Armoury Crate version too. I replied to you an hour ago about the videos which i attached. Thank you for helping me! FYI. Fresh windows install with no other program installed. Did all the updates necessary with the Nvidia driver for the GPU. Bios still on stock settings. I checked the cables in the GPU and all RGB cables look good and are connected normally. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @ItsHadyy ,

thanks for providing the information.

We are currently in the process of verifying this issue with the relevant teams. 

If there are any updates, we will inform you. Thank you.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @ItsHadyy ,

based on your issue, the relevant department has confirmed that ASUS Core SDK v2.01.05 is now available on Armoury Crate.

We kindly request you to update to the latest version and check if the problem still occurs. Thank you.

Will check and update you on this. Thank you!

Hi Aurelian, 

i updated to the latest and power cycled. Still no luck. The same symptoms (RGB stuck in the off state except for one light). I have tried different RGB apps and they all have the same result. A couple of days ago, it worked for 20 hours, then it got stuck again. It is for sure a software issue since the RGB works fine in some occasions, but i cannot seem to figure out what the occasion is. Even with a clean install, it seems as though the vBios or some other component of software is bricking the RGB. I will update you on the first day to see if maybe the RGB comes back on. Thanks.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @ItsHadyy ,

sorry for the inconvenience that may caused.

May I ask what setting you've change in Armoury Crate that can solved the problem?

Could you kindly provide the motherboard model?

Also, could you also help record and provide the relevant logs for us to investigate further?
For log operation steps, please refer to Q5: What is App Diagnostics? (New Feature)
After recording the log, please upload it to the cloud, approve access, and PM me the link.

Thank you.

Hello Aurelian, 

So it just stopped working all of a sudden. I booted up the PC, openned Armoury Crate, and closed it. The lights came back on while i was watching youtube. So then i turn off the system to test if it stays on, but it didnt. I go into Armoury crate and the lights are still off. They are still off until now. No luck. I noticed that after about a couple of hours of the lights working (with no changes being made), the lights get stuck and nothing brings them back on. Not even a full power cycle. It is very very unpredictable, and i have uploaded log files before to the support center, with no reply since then. (October 20 something) i have a case number, which is No=N2310022685-0012